Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We’ve taken a number of steps in response to the Coronavirus situation, for the welfare of our people and for business continuity.

The below is to provide clients with up-to-date information on QuantHouse’ response to the current coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.


  • QuantHouse has been closely monitoring the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation to support the welfare of our people and ensure continuity to clients.

  • Members of our leadership team, including the CEO, together with specialists from within the business, are meeting daily to review our position to ensure we have the right measures in place to operate effectively across a number of potential scenarios.

  • QuantHouse’ supply chain has not been directly or indirectly affected.

  • We remain unaware of anyone at QuantHouse who has the virus.

Business continuity

  • While we acknowledge the potential severity of a global pandemic, we do not at this stage anticipate a serious impact on operations or productivity. We have been thoroughly testing the capability of all teams at QuantHouse, including business critical teams, to operate remotely and we are satisfied we can continue to do this for an extended period of time if required.

  • We have taken reasonable steps to mitigate any disruption to clients in the event we need some or all teams to operate remotely or in the event of widespread infection.

  • Our data centres are deliberately located in different and independent locations consistent with prudent failover strategies. Following assessment, we are confident these services are not materially at risk at present from coronavirus-related issues.

  • QuantHouse has business continuity plans in place for each office covering client support teams and other support functions. We will continue to support all services in the event employees are prevented from physically entering an office.

  • We are confident in our people’s ability to work from home (our workplace technology is all cloud-based including video conferencing) - however we are stress testing this on an ongoing basis - including requirements that all people test equipment and ability to work from home for an extended period of time if required.

  • We have also assessed the impact on our people’s ability to work in the event of widespread closure of schools and/or childcare centres and have assessed this impact as limited.

Specific measures in place

To respond to the current situation, QuantHouse has taken a number of steps including:

  • Establishing a global working group with overall responsibility to coordinate our response.

  • Encouraging our people to work from home. However, our offices remain open.

  • Cancelling or postponing all international travel.

  • Restricting domestic travel, with any essential domestic flights requiring executive approval on a restricted basis.

  • No longer holding face-to-face meetings or events with clients, suppliers or partners.

  • Providing guidance on how to establish and maintain clean and safe hygiene practises in the workplace.

  • Increasing professional cleaning services and equipment (such as sanitisers) in all offices.

  • Putting specific plans in place in the event an office or offices may need to close on a temporary or extended basis. All of the teams globally who are part of this have been briefed.

  • Following the advice of the government and health authorities and communicating this advice to our people

How to contact us:

Your key contacts at QuantHouse remained unchanged. Please choose email as the main mean of communication for support issues.