Proximity Hosting and co-location Services

Make sure your algo trading applications - or any other application - receive market data and route your orders before your competitors do. QuantHouse understands the need for end-to-end ultra-low latency and designs its Proximity Hosting Services located within the exchanges to help you to stay ahead.

GLOBAL - Available in major financial centers around the world including Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.

AT THE SOURCE - To get access to exchange matching engines for RAW market data, Normalized market data and Order Routing services.

FULLY MANAGED - Remote access to your trading applications via multiple physical different routes.

Datacenters (Point Of Presence) Coverage


Chicago: CME Aurora, Equinix CH1

New York: Equinix NY4, Equinix NY5, Nasdaq Carteret

Toronto: 151 Front street, Markham


Frankfurt: Equinix FR2

London: Equinix LD4, Interxion Lon1

Moscow: Dataspace

Stockholm: Nasdaq QMX Digiplex

Zurich: Equinix ZH4


Tokyo: @Tokyo CC1

Singapore: SGX

Sydney: ASX ALC, Equinix SY1, Global Switch

Hong Kong: HKex