PTP and NTP Time synchronization


QuantHouse delivers a Time synchronization solution based on the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Network Time Protocol (NTP). Quanthouse helps your firm being COMPLIANT WITH THE MIFID II RTS 25 TIMING TRACEABILITY REQUIREMENT through GPS or UTC/NPL time source synchronization mechanisms.

  • QH provides clock synchronization with using NTP leveraging QH owned GPS Antennas in London Interxion and NYC Carteret. This service could be a main or to protect against the unlikely scenario of losing NPL sources. This ensures the most reliable, accurate and secure time service possible to clients in this facility.
  • QH provides clock synchronization with UTC/NPLTime® , the trusted timestamp provided by NPL, the United Kingdom’s National Measurement Institute. This timesource is fully compliant with the MiFID II RTS 25 timing traceability requirement. NPLTime® is now available on QuantHouse global network via a simple cross-connect in one of our locations (London Interxion) or via access circuits in the surrounding London Metro area.

PTP v2 Time synchronization / UTC (NPL)

  • QH clock synchronized with NPLTime, sourced in London Interxion
  • NPL Certification Point at QH London Interxion, maximum UTC divergence of 1us
  • Redundant setup, using Meinberg M1000 and Arista 7150S
  • NPLTime: resilient, traceable and certified

NTP time synchronization

  • NTP Clock synchronization / UTC(GPS)
  • QH clock synchronized with GPS, using QH owned GPS Antenna in London Interxion and NYC Carteret