Buy-side and sell-side trading firms are today forced to improve their trading infrastructures in order to keep up with market demand. Whether you are using Smart Order Routing or algo trading applications, your overall trading performance is closely linked to the quality of the trading infrastructures you are using.

QuantLINK is the ultimate trading infrastructure, combining QuantHouse proprietary fiber optic network interconnecting the heart of the exchanges with proximity hosting at the source.

Proximity hosting and co-location services

Make sure your algo trading applications receive market data and route your orders before your competitors do. QuantHouse understands the need for end-to-end ultra-low latency and designs its Proximity Hosting Services located within the exchanges to help you to stay ahead.

GLOBAL - Available in major financial centers around the world including Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. - Best in class, fully redundant, ultra low latency 10/40G spine-leaf network architecture

AT THE SOURCE - To get access to exchange matching engines for RAW market data, Normalized market data and Order Routing services.

FULLY MANAGED - Remote access to your trading applications via multiple physical different routes. - “Build, lease, or buy” hardware options - Full-time VPN access and 24-hour technical support

Order Routing connectivity services

Get your order flow back to the exchange or to your favorite Broker.

  • 50+ DMA Access to exchanges (FIX and Native protocol)
  • 20+ broker connectivity (check-out our API Ecosystem)

STATE OF THE ART - Our proprietary fiber optic network topology has been designed by our engineers for high availability and performance.

DIRECT - 10Gbps low latency network components & DMA Access.

GLOBAL - Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo exchange matching engines are only a few milliseconds away.

INDEPENDENT - Broker & Exchange neutral.

STRAIGHT-FORWARD - As easy as connecting up to the nearest QuantHouse data center.

Point-to-Point Connectivity

Interconnect your trading application by using QuantLINK Point-to-Point connectivity services. Leverage our optimized fully redundant fiber optic network. Schedule a call with our team of experts to review your options.

10Gbps POP to POP Connectivity - 10Gbps, everywhere.

Resiliency - We ensure geographic path diversity.

Flexibility - MPLS, IP Transport, and many other options.

Global Presence