QuantENGINE is the integrated, fully configurable execution platform of the QuantFACTORY suite. As a trading environment, QuantENGINE helps you deploy and run pre-compiled quantitative trading strategies. You can use QuantENGINE as a black box or glass box for optimized flexibility and performance, and further adjust your strategy properties without accessing the code in QuantDEVELOPER.

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Deploy and execute

  • Switch from back-test to live trading in just one click
  • Start & stop individual strategies
  • Set up an alert for strategy/position monitoring
  • Monitor aggregated positions
  • Monitor custom values and statistics on strategies
  • Send orders manually
  • Enter transactions manually

Reliable Execution and Configurable OMS

  • Fully configurable trading environment
  • Integrate any broker’s EMS through pre-built plug-in development
  • Observe in real-time the full cycle of orders execution from the point at which you send an order to position updates in your strategies

Detailed Real-Time Monitoring and Control

  • Define your customized alerts and notification channels when running live
  • Easily locate your trading environment on a dedicated machine