Order Routing DMA


QuantLINK Order Routing DMA solutions have been built carefully to achieve the lowest latency possible between QuantHouse hosting racks and the exchanges matching engines. We constantly review and benchmark network devices to upgrade and improve our network designs and leverage the latest devices available. Redundant DMA connectivity is available on all exchanges.

With QuantLINK Order Routing DMA solutions, you can send orders to all exchanges from any of the QuantHouse Point Of Presence.

Choose among the different protocols offered by Exchanges (FIX and Binary protocols) and leverage QuantHouse state of the art network design to send your orders back to the exchanges.

If you are interested in market data access, check out Feed coverage.

Contact us to further discuss about your trading infrastructure.


Order Routing coverage



Exchange, MTFs

Exchange | Market
BM&F Derivatives (1165:BRD) *
Bovespa (1166:BRE) *
Bolsa de Bogota
Bolsa de Bogotá (1371:BOO) *
Bolsa de Santiago
Bolsa de Santiago (1370:BOL) *
Bolsa Mexicana de Val
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (1373:BOP)
BOX Options (1253:BOX)
Canadian Securities E
Canadian Securities Exchange (CNSX) (1184:PUC) *
Cboe Global Markets
Cboe BYX (1008:BYX) *
Cboe BZX (1009:BZX)
Cboe BZX Options (1245:BAT)
Cboe C2 (1249:CBR)
Cboe C2 CSM BBO (1249:CBR)
Cboe Options BBO (1247:CBP)
Cboe CSM Complex Order Book (1248:CBQ)
Cboe Options Depth of Book (1259:CBS)
Cboe CSMI (Indices) (1124:CBI)
Cboe EDGA (1031:DEA) *
Cboe EDGX (1117:DEX)
Cboe EDGX Options (1246:BAU)
Cboe Futures Exchange (1123:CBE)
Cboe Futures Exchange CSM BBO (1260:CBT)
Cboe Futures Exchange CSM Depth of Book (1261:CBU)
Cboe Market Interface (CMI) (1247:CBP)
EDGX Options Auction Feed (1352:EDI)
EDGX Options Complex Auction Feed (1351:EDH)
EDGX Options Complex Depth (1350:EDG)
CME Group
Bloomberg Fee Waived Indices (1198:BBG)
Chicago Board of Trade CBOT (1022:CBO)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME (1027:CME)
Minneapolis Grain Exchange (1057:MGE)
New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX (1069:NYM)
NY Commodity Exchange COMEX (1141:COM)
Dow Jones Indices (1155:DJN)
S&P Base Indices (1131:CMI)
S&P Complete Indices (1196:SCI)
S&P Promotional Indices (1197:SPI)
Colombo Stock Exchang
Colombo Stock Exchange (1376:COL) *
CTA Network A NBBO and Regionals (1029:CTA ; 1277:CTE)
CTA Network B NBBO and Regionals (1030:CTB; 1278:CTF)
NYSE (1133:NYF) *
NYSE ArcaBook (1318:NYW)
NYSE Arca BBO (1266:NYU)
NYSE Arca Integrated (1003:ARI) *
NYSE Arca Order Imbalance (1414:NYC)
NYSE OpenBook Aggregated (1317:NYV)
ICE Futures EU Commodities Chicago Contracts (1205:ICM)
ICE Futures EU Financial Chicago Contracts (1192:ICA)
ICE Futures US - Canadian Grains (1043:ICC)
ICE Futures US - US Softs & Financials (1042:ICU)
ICE Futures US - US Softs & Financials (Implied Range) (1296:ICI)
Mexican Derivatives E
Mexican Derivatives Exchange (1405:MEX) *
MIAX Emerald (1312:MIC)
MIAX Options (1254:MIA)
Nasdaq Basic NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE MKT Issues (1143:NBC;1065:NBA;1142:NBB)
Nasdaq BX Basic (1264:NAY)
Nasdaq ISE Spread (1282:NAB)
Nasdaq Last Sale (1243:NAW)
Nasdaq Last Sale Plus (1244:NAX)
NASDAQ MRX Order Feed (1302:MRX)
Nasdaq PSX Basic (1265:NAZ)
Nasdaq Specialized Quote Interface (SQF) (1256:PHL)
NASDAQ Top of PHLX Options (TOPO) Plus Orders (1256:PHL)
NASDAQ TotalView (1063:NAS)
NASDAQ UTP NBBO and Regionals (1064:NUT;1281:NAA)
ISE (1250:ISE)
ISE Gemini (1251:ISF)
ISE Mercury (1252:ISG)
PHLX Options (1256:PHL)
Nasdaq BX Options (1384:NAF)
Nasdaq GEMX Top Quote (1407:NAI)
Nasdaq Fixed Income (1358:NAD)
NEO Exchange
NEO Exchange (1415:NEO) *
OTC Markets including Pinksheets (1000:OTC)
SpiderRock CME (1335:SPJ)
SpiderRock CBOT (1336:SPK)
SpiderRock COMEX (1337:SPL)
SpiderRock NYMEX (1338:SPM)
SpiderRock Implied Quote NMS Volatility - OPRA (1339:SPN)
S&P/TSX Indices (1182:TMI)
TMX Montreal Exchange (Quantum) (1156:MOD)
TMX Toronto (Quantum) (1097:TMX)
TMX Toronto Venture (Quantum) (1122:TSX)
TMX Toronto (1412:TMY)
TMX Toronto Venture (1413:TMZ)


Exchange, MTFs, Block Trading and Dark pools

Exchange | Market
Aquis Exchange Europe (1306:AQV)
Aquis Exchange UK (1227:AQU)
Athens Indices including FTSE/Athens Indices (1174:ATI)
Athens Securities (1004:ATH)
Cyprus Stock Exchange (1172:CYP)
BME IBEX and FTSE LATIBEX Indices (1203:IBX)
BME MEFF Derivatives (1013:MEF)
BME SIB Equities (1012:BME)
Borsa Istanbul
Borsa Istanbul Equities (1193:BIE)
Borsa Istanbul Indices (1208:BII)
Borsa Italiana
Borsa Italiana Affari Equities (1015:AFF)
Borsa Italiana IDEM Derivatives (1018:IDM)
Borsa Italiana MOT Bonds (1016:MOT)
Borse Stuttgart
Borse Stuttgart (1387:STU) *
Budapest Stock Exchan
Budapest ADH including Indices (1112:BSE)
Budapest RapidADH (1144:RBD)
Cboe Global Markets
Cboe Europe BXE and CXE (1007:BAE)
Cboe Europe DXE (1305:CBV)
CBOE Europe Indices (1411:CBW)
Cboe Europe TRF (1211:BTR)
Deutsche Boerse
Boerse Frankfurt Certificates and Warrants (ex SCOACH) (1118:XEA)
Deutsche Borse Customised and Focus Indices (1398:DEV)
Eurex Ultra Futures (1032:EUF)
Eurex Ultra Options (1033:EUO)
Deutsche Boerse Indices and Xetra ETF (1105:DEI)
EEX Power & Others (1140:EEX)
STOXX Indices (1106:DJI)
Regional Exchanges Germany (1136:REG)
Tradegate (1135:TGT)
Xetra Core (1102:DES)
Xetra Ultra (1108:DEP)
Equiduct HybridBook (1291:EQU)
Bourse de Luxembourg (1056:LUX)
Bourse de Luxembourg Indices (1146:LUI)
Euronext All Indices (1035:EUI)
Euronext Cash Market (1034:EUR)
Euronext Commodities Derivatives (1073:LIC)
Euronext Dublin Equities (1301:EUV)
Euronext Dublin Funds & Bonds (1382:DUB)
Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives (1072:LII)
Euronext FX - Consolidated Tape (1303:FAS)
Euronext FX ECN (1316:FAT)
Oslo Bors Equities (1364:EUW)
EuroTLX (1187:EUT)
ICE Endex (1271:ICG)
ICE Futures EU Commodities (1041:ICE)
ICE Futures EU Commodities (Implied Range) (1295:ICH)
ICE Futures EU Financials (1175:ICL)
ICE Futures EU Financials (Implied Range) (1262:ICF)
IPSX (1268:IPS)
JSE Equity Derivatives (1321:JSF)
JSE Equities (1047:JSE)
Ljubljana Stock Exchange Enhanced Trading System (ETS) (1023:CHX)
LME base and ferrous metals (1284:LMF)
LME precious metals (1285:LMG)
LSE Group
FTSE Indices (1036:FTE)
LSE European Market (1054:LEE)
LSE International Market (1055:LEI)
LSE UK Market (1053:LSE)
Turquoise (1098:TRQ)
Turquoise Europe (1304:TUR)
TRADEcho (1234:LSF)
Moscow Bonds (1177:MXB)
Moscow Equities (1176:MXE)
Moscow Futures & Options (1160:MXD)
Moscow FX (1179:MXF)
Moscow Indices (1178:MXI)
Moscow Repo (1327:MOS)
ETS Commodity Exchange (Kazakhstan) (1159:ETS)
Nasdaq Baltic Equity and Fixed Income (1212:BLT)
NASDAQ Dubai (1372:NAE) *
NASDAQ Nordic Indices (1119:NOY)
NASDAQ Nordic Commodities (1017:IIX)
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives OMnet (1059:GEN)
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives TotalView (1214:NAT)
NASDAQ Nordic Equity TotalView (1062:TOT)
Nordic Growth Market
Nordic Growth Market (1068:NGM)
Prague Cash Market ADH (1087:PRG)
Prague RapidADH (1402:PRA)
Prague Indices ADH (1180:PRI)
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Stock Exchange (1298:SAU) *
SIX Swiss
SIX Structured Products (ex Scoach SWX) IMI (1218:SIY)
SIX Swiss incl. SWX Europe IMI (1217:SIX)
SIX Swiss Indices (1325:SIZ)
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Bonds (1148:TAB)
Tel Aviv Derivatives (1150:TAD)
Tel Aviv Indices (1149:TAI)
Tel Aviv Shares (1147:TAS)
Vienna Cash Market & Structured Products RapidADH (1121:VIR)
Vienna Cash Market ADH (1099:VIE)
Vienna Global Market (1263:VIF)
Vienna Indices (1100:VII)
Warsaw Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect) (1101:WAR, 1230:WAS
Zagreb Stock Exchange
Zagreb Stock Exchange (1379:ZAG) *

Systematic Internalisers, APA and Trade reporting

Exchange | Market
Cboe Global Markets
Cboe Europe BXTR (1211:BTR)
Citadel SI
Jane Street
Jane Street SI
LSE Group
TRADEcho (1234:LSF)
NASDAQ Baltic APA Service (1242:NAV)
NASDAQ Nordic APA Service (1239:NAU)
Hudson River Trading
Hudson River Trading
Tower Research
Tower Research SI
Virtu Financial
Virtu Financial SI
XTX Markets
XTX Markets SI


Exchange, MTFs

Exchange | Market
ASX 24 Derivatives (1005:AUD)
ASX Total Equities (1006:AUE)
S&P/ASX Indices (1409:SPA)
Bombay Stock Exchange (1275:BOM)
Bombay Stock Exchange Indices (1360:BON)
Bursa Malaysia
Bursa Malaysia Equities (1161:BMQ)
Bursa Malaysia Sectorial Indices (1162:BMI)
FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series (1328:FTS)
Chi-X Australia
Chi-X Australia (1026:CHA)
Hanoi Stock Exchange
Hanoi Stock Exchange (1378:HAN) *
HKEx - S&P Indices (1169:HKS)
HKEx Derivatives (1039:HKD)
HKEx Securities (1038:HKE)
HKEx - CSI Indices (1168:HKC)
HKEx - HSI Indices (1167:HKH)
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exc
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (1377:HOC) *
India NSE
India NSE Capital Markets (1189:NSE)
India NSE Indices (1002:ARE)
Indonesia Stock Excha
Indonesia Stock Exchange (1274:IND)
Nikkei Indices (1052:LIQ)
JPX Osaka Stock Exchange Futures (1028:CMX)
JPX Osaka Stock Exchange JGB Futures & Options (1048:KBT)
JPX Osaka Stock Exchange Options (1037:GLO)
JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange Equities (1095:TSE)
JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange Equities Flex Full (1389:JPY)
Fukuoka Stock Exchange (1114:FSE)
Sapporo Securities Exchange (1113:SSE)
Topix Indices (1171:TSI)
Topix Indices Flex Full (1401:TOP)
Korea Exchange
Korea Exchange - Derivatives A (1232:KOV)
Korea Exchange ETFs, ETNs, ELWs - Securities C (1233:KOW)
Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Stocks - Securities B (1051:KOS)
Korea Exchange KOSPI stock - Securities A (1049:KSE)
New Zealand
New Zealand (1359:NEW)
Philippines Stock Exc
Philippines Stock Exchange (1324:PHI)
Shanghai Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange (1082:OSE)
Shanghai - CSI Indices (1083:OSD)
Shenzhen Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange (1231:SHE)
Shenzhen Indices (1410:SHF)
FTSE Singapore Index Series (1329:FTT)
SGX Singapore Exchange Equities (1091:SGX)
Singapore - NZX Dairy Derivatives (1408:SIN)
Singapore SE Derivatives Commodity Futures & Options (1221:SGY)
Singapore SE Derivatives Index Futures & Options and Foreign Exchange Futures
Thailand Exchange
Stock Exchange of Thailand Derivatives (1199:THD) *
Stock Exchange of Thailand Equities (1188:THA)
Taiwan Futures
TAIFEX Derivatives Market Ultra (1286:TAK))
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange (1273:TAJ)

(*)Ref only