MiFID II Solutions

As a partner to both the Buy-side and the Sell-side, QH is building upon its current market data products to provide its clients with key solutions that will help them to successfully navigate through the upcoming MiFID II regulatory changes.

The solutions provided by QH will allow clients to comply with MiFID II regulatory requirements in a lean and efficient way.

Key benefits

  • Simplify data processing by using a single static data source for regulatory information provided by ESMA, NCAs and trading venues
  • Identify MiFID-eligible instruments in order to fulfill transparency reporting obligations
  • Identify the best trading venues at instrument level to be compliant with best execution obligations
  • Leverage the QH’s leading FeedOS technology to perform Algo Stress Testing on a dedicated Load Test Environment
  • QH provides cleansed and normalized data, aggregated from market data and regulatory data feeds
  • QH is enhancing its market data feeds with essential MiFID II driven content and capabilities, e.g. Microsecond Timestamp precision, MMT flags, SI Quotes, OTC Trade reports, Reference Prices, etc.
  • QH clients will be able to retrieve all MiFID II relevant data from a single data source, reducing implementation cost, complexity and maintenance cost

MIFID II Whitepaper

Contact us for a complete overview of MiFID II driven enhancements and solutions that will be provided by QH to support our clients with MiFID II compliance.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • ESMA: European Securities and Markets Authority
  • MiFID: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
  • MMT: Market Model Typology
  • NCA: National Competent Authorities
  • OTC: Over The Counter
  • SI: Systematic Internaliser