FeedOS API Overview

The FeedOS API is QuantHouse’s single API used to consume QuantFEED and ConsolidatedFEED market data.

Available in C++, .NET C# and Java, the FeedOS API allows TCP/IP, Multicast and IPC Shared Memory market data consumption. It provides an easy way to consume market data updates using a subscribe/response mechanism. The sample codes provided are first rate and very well explained. CLI (Command Line Interface) pre-compiled tools are available too, allowing both interactive and batch operations, without writing a single line of code. Finally, our team is here to advise you, should you have any question around code optimization and API integration.

More than 145 feeds through a single API.

Contact us and schedule your FeedOS API deep-dive session.

FeedOS API Main Features

  • C++, .NETC# and Java
  • TCP/IP, Multicast, IPC Shared Memory, In-memory
  • Available for UNIX, UNIX-like and Windows Operating Systems
  • Full generic publish/subscribe API
  • Simple Requests and Subscription Requests
  • Instruments and group subscriptions (batch subscribe)
  • Referential and quotation tags
  • Snapshot requests
  • Authentication based on OpenSSL cryptographic library
  • Proprietary FeedOS Protocol, optimized for market data consumption
  • CPU efficient
  • Very high throughput
  • Easy integration & migration
  • Used for real-time consumption, market data publication and historical data replay