What they say about us

“QuantHouse has managed to deliver the best ultra-low latency market data in the marketplace. The quality of the data, as well as the extreme versatility and robustness of their API, has allowed Arbitragis to be on par with the best equipped trading rooms in the world. As an arbitrage trading firm dealing with ultra high frequency trading strategies, QuantHouse technology has allowed us to concentrate on trading, strategy design and algorithmic trading.”

Arbitragis, Tuan Nguyen (Founding Partner)

“CM-CIC Market Solutions is dedicated to offering advanced functionality and high levels of trading performance to its buy-side and sell side clients. We are pleased to have selected QuantHouse Low latency market data and order routing solutions as these technologies are key drivers to deliver superior Value Added Execution services.”

CM-CIC Market Solutions, Denis Saboureau (Global Head of Execution Services)

“C&C Trading has been a customer of QH for several years. High quality infrastructure is mission critical for our business. To this end, QH has been a reliable partner and has provided excellent customer support.”

Mick Kalishman, Managing Partner, C&C Trading

“After a thorough evaluation process, it was clear that QuantHouse offers the most advanced and cost-effective data feed technology in the market. The power and flexibility of its technology has allowed us to expand easily into new global markets and places us on a par with the best equipped trading rooms in the world.”

Deep Blue Capital, Duncan Sands (CTO)

“Our aim is to enhance the Exchange’s Hosting value proposition to our co-location clients. The combination of this new low latency order routing service, existing global market data service, and market centre proximity will enable our clients to efficiently execute multi-market trading strategies from our central London location.”

London Stock Exchange Group,
Antoine Shagoury (CIO)

“Lyxor’s Epsilon team has been working with QuantHouse over the years through its QuantFACTORY technology, allowing full portfolio trading automation making them the natural choice to automate Metori Capital’s trading portfolio solution. We have been impressed by the technology’s performance, resilience and stability, and look forward to working together as we go into operation this year.”

Metori Capital, Nicolas Gaussel (CEO)

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers. With our launch in 1971 in Newport Beach, California, PIMCO introduced investors to a total return approach to > fixed income investing. In the nearly 50 years since, we have worked relentlessly to help millions of investors pursue their objectives – regardless of shifting market conditions. > As active investors, our goal is not just to find opportunities, but to create them. To this end, we remain firmly committed to the pursuit of our mission: delivering superior > investment returns, solutions and service to our clients.

“Quanthouse continues to excel at simplifying the process of consuming and normalizing real-time market data across global exchanges. They remove the burdensome process of maintaining individual data feeds to each exchange and ensure continuous uptime during trading hours.”

QUEST PARTNERS LLC, Robert Toth (Head of Trading)

“As Quantam develops more and more short term arbitrage strategies, it is key to deploy proximity hosting infrastructure and obtain ultra-low latency market data feeds through QuantHouse’s solutions. It is also essential to benefit from complete historical tick-by-tick data from the main electronic exchanges in order to setup reliable and efficient strategies, and QuantHouse is clearly offering this high quality feature. QuantHouse allows Quantam to concentrate on trading while using the most effective market data feed and proximity hosting solutions we’ve seen so far.”

Quantam, Max Dupont
(Founding Chairman & CEO)

“As we continue to grow beyond futures and options into the equity space and expand our connectivity to exchanges outside the U.S., we want to ensure that our users have all of the tools at their disposal to benefit from the full power of our sophisticated analytics and trading offering. Integrating with QuantHouse provides a seamless experience for our mutual clients to leverage the unique strengths of our respective technologies.”

Rival Systems, Robert D’Arco (CEO)

“QuantHouse provides bid and offer prices from primary markets which Turquoise® references within its Turquoise Plato™ order book innovations such as Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™, Turquoise Plato Uncross™, and Turquoise Plato Dark Lit Sweep™ that offer investors benefits of potential price improvement when trading using a midpoint reference price for a better result on a consistent basis, the very definition of MiFID best execution.”

Turquoise, Dr Robert Barnes (CEO)

“For Vegasoul Capital Management, using next generation trading technologies is a key success factor in the increasingly competitive high-frequency trading space.”

Vegasoul Capital Management,
Vincent Wong (Founder and CIO)