Turquoise® selects QuantHouse to extend its Turquoise Plato™ midpoint matching services for CEE region

19 October 2016

QuantHouse, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, the global provider of innovative market data services, trading and infrastructure solutions, has announced an extension to the primary market real- time data feeds it provides to Turquoise® for its Turquoise Plato™ midpoint matching services, including Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ and Turquoise Plato Uncross™. Turquoise® will be using QuantHouse QuantFEED solution to support its Emerging Markets strategy within Central and Eastern Europe, by providing midpoint trading within the Turquoise Plato™ order book for securities admitted from Czech (Prague) and Hungarian (Budapest) markets.
QuantHouse is developing the breadth of its services in response to continued client demand for enhanced access including to the CEE region. The region is of strategic importance for a growing number of investors and participants, making it essential to provide innovative solutions to all leading global financial institutions.

Stephane Leroy, Vice President at QuantHouse, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence
“Adding to the existing long- time business relationship between our two companies, we're extremely pleased with this new agreement. Our solutions are supporting Turquoise’s new business initiatives such as Turquoise Plato™ , Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ and Turquoise Plato Uncross™ . It further demonstrates QuantHouse’s expertise and global leadership in providing advanced trading technologies to the capital market community for more than 10 years now.”

Dr Robert Barnes, CEO Turquoise®
“Adding the Emerging Market stocks of Czech Republic and Hungary to Turquoise Plato™ significantly raises the visibility of the region. Turquoise Plato™’s midpoint matching and electronic block trading offers potential price improvement and lower implicit costs for the benefit of investors.”

About Turquoise®
Turquoise® is the European multilateral trading facility majority owned by London Stock Exchange Group in partnership with the user community. With a single connection, members can trade shares, depository receipts, ETFs, and European Rights Issues of 19 European countries with an Open Access model that allows members to choose among 3 interoperable CCPs to clear these trades. Members include banks, brokers, specialist trading firms and retail intermediaries.

Turquoise® features two electronic orders book services. Turquoise® Integrated Lit combines simple limit and iceberg orders with Large In Scale hidden orders. Turquoise® Midpoint Dark, renamed Turquoise Plato™, prioritizes orders by size and allows users to configure Minimum Execution Size; it features two distinct mechanisms, each executing at the midpoint of the Primary Market Best Bid and Offer: continuous matching and Turquoise Plato Uncross™, an innovation that provides randomised uncrossings during the trading day, ideal for larger and less time sensitive passive orders. Turquoise Plato Block Discovery™ matches undisclosed Block Indications that execute in Turquoise Plato Uncross™.

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About QuantHouse
QuantHouse, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra-low latency market data technologies, algo-trading development framework, proximity hosting and order routing services; to help hedge funds, market makers, proprietary desks and latency sensitive sell side firms to take the lead.
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