QuantFEEDHANDLER description:

QuantFEEDHANDLER is the QuantHouse feedhandler software which allows market data sub-millisecond decoding time. Developed in C++, running on Linux and designed with a multi-threaded architecture in order to leverage the latest processor chips, QuantHouse feedhandlers can allow you to optimize your own market gateways for leading edge trading performance.

It will allow you to turn unproductive, expensive and time consuming tasks of custom feedhandler software development into more business oriented tasks. Support and ongoing maintenance are also provided.

QuantFEEDHANDLER features:

QuantFEEDHANDLER includes the following products and services:

  • decoding of Full Depth exchange feed
  • feedhandler usage
  • frontend usage
  • API (C++ or Java) usage
  • support services
  • ongoing maintenance

Click here to get the list of available exchanges.

QuantFEEDHANDLER performance:

    CME Feed: Total message processing (including message decoder and PDU sending) for MDP
  • Trade messages: average=75.2 microseconds
  • Order book messages: average=68.2 microseconds
  • CPU Utilization: average 11%

    EURONEXT Feed : Total message processing (including message decoder and PDU sending) for EURONEXT FIM (through MMTP)
  • Trade messages: average=45.4 microseconds
  • Order book messages: average=39.4 microseconds
  • CPU Utilization: average 2 %