Case Studies

Fisycs Capital:

    Founded in November 2009, Fisycs Capital is a Paris-based systematic, quantitative hedge fund focusing exclusively on liquid markets. Fisycs Capital is currently authorized and regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) in France. Current list of strategies implemented by Fisycs Capital include the following:

  • FX Intraday
  • U.S. Equity Market Neutral
  • Global Macro
  • FX Fundamental

    In the process of setting up its investment and trading technology infrastructure, Fisycs Capital examined many different options, both in-house and vendor supplied platforms. At the end of its analysis, Fisycs selected the QuantHouse’s QuantFACTORY platform for various reasons:

  • Ability to connect strategy to multiple venues and brokers at the same time.
  • Fisycs Capital has a reasonable number of strategies and QuantFACTORY makes message loading quite simple and seamless.
  • Ability to customize and the vendor’s receptiveness to incorporating requested new features into their development plans.

    Focusing on the automated FX market, Fisycs Capital believes that the ultimate benefits of leveraging the QuantFACTORY platform are the following:

  • As a multi-strategy hedge fund, very easy to support multi-desk trading activities and also very easy to support risk management and asset allocation off the same platform.
  • Fairly shallow learning curve in grasping the code needed to test and very easy to use.
  • QuantFACTORY is very good at handling data; can take in multiple data sources very quickly.
  • All strategies’ modules are separated but can communicate with each other.
  • Openness of the platform, enabling Fisycs Capital to link their own execution algos.
  • Helps Fisycs Capital to quickly improve trading ideas, thus shortening the time from research or recalibration to live execution.

Global Capital:

Global-Cap is a Hedge Fund manager founded five years ago and is comprised of 8 professionals operating from Zurich in Switzerland.LessLess

The company is currently managing two funds: a Global Thematic Equity Long Short Hedge Fund called The GMC Fund and a Quantitative trading fund called GC Sigma Fund. During the last year and a half, Global-Cap has grown a Quantitative Arbitrage team of 5 people trading over many instruments and asset classes mainly in the High Frequency space. With approximately 5000 trades per day, Global-Cap is definitively low latency sensitive, one of the many reasons which led to the choice of QuantHouse products, namely QuantFeed and QuantFactory, allowing them to develop automated trading strategies and deploy them over many markets.

During a Proof of Concept period of 3 months involving intensive collaboration with QuantHouse development teams, Global-Cap professionals have been able to set up from scratch an entire trading environment, meeting their criteria regarding reliability, latency and trading performance.

Thanks to the expansion capabilities and the inherent flexibility of the QuantFramework, Global-Cap have been able to develop and fully tailor the trading environment; from tick data storage using a dedicated scheme, to effective trading with its broker using market prices and external macro indicators to drive its risk and trading aggressiveness, thus trading futures markets, ETFs and in the near future options and stocks.

QuantFeed is used to access market prices, thus leveraging its low latency capabilities to feed the prices’ database using a proprietary algorithm. QuantDeveloper has been used extensively to design, back-test and validate the trading strategies to be activated later on. QuantDeveloper allows Global Cap to export these strategies as DLLs to be used in QuantEngine. QuantEngine is used on the production side, to effectively trade and monitor the strategies. The software has also been parameterized to trigger alerts during day to day operations, for instance sending emails and audible alerts if a broker connection is down. Thanks again to the open architecture of QuantFactory, running within Visual Studio, Global Cap has developed customized monitoring and additional trading screens to be able to trade with full confidence.

What they say about us

CM-CIC Securities(Europe):

"CM-CIC Securities is dedicated to offering advanced functionality and high levels of trading performance to its buy-side and sell side clients. We are pleased to have selected QuantHouse Low latency market data and order routing solutions as those technologies are key drivers to deliver superior Value Added Execution services."Denis Saboureau, Global Head of Execution Services at CM-CIC Securities.

CM-CIC Securities is the CM4-CIC group’s investment arm. The CM4-CIC group is one of Europe’s leading banking groups with equity of EUR18.4 billion in 2006

CM-CIC Securities is also ESN's representative in France. Over 8 years, this pan-European network has built up coverage of more than 1,000 stocks across 31 sectors and 15 countries, bringing together 150 analysts and 200 vendors.

ESN also has a team of analysts dedicated to Sustainable Investment and is present in New York via its broker-dealer subsidiary, ESN North America. Their website:

Quantitative Investment Management (US):

"In today's trading environment it is imperative that the trading tools we use as a quantitative hedge fund are state of the art. Reliability, time to market and return on investment are the key success factors. From market data, research, strategy development, back testing and execution, Quant House's end-to-end program trading solution enables us to optimize the entire development cycle in order to focus our time and resources on our core business." Michael Geismar , President Quantitative Investment Management.

Quantitative Investment Management (QIM) is a global investment firm specializing in alternative investment strategies for institutional and private investors. QIM employs a proprietary quantitative approach to trading financial and commodity futures through its flagship offering, the QIM Global Program.
QIM is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. QIM is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Their website:

Systematic Alpha Management (US):

“For Systematic Alpha Management, LLC, employing the fastest real-time quotes is imperative for minimizing the execution slippage. The QuantHouse QuantFEED technology delivers us the fastest real-time quotes among many of quote providers that we have researched, allowing us to be and stay very competitive in the area of high-frequency quantitative trading.”
Alexei Chekhlov, Head of Research at Systematic Alpha Management, LLC.

Systematic Alpha Management, LLC is an alternative asset manager with a particular expertise in the development of market-neutral, absolute-return oriented quantitative trading strategies. Systematic Alpha Management’s trading programs, which are high frequency and, for the most part, contrarian, are developed by a highly qualified team of theoretical physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists that use the latest advances in data collection and analysis and trading infrastructure. The New York – based firm manages assets for institutions, family offices, private banks and high net worth investors in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Systematic Alpha Management is registered as a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) and as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Their website:

Societe Generale Asset Management (Continental Europe):

"It is imperative that trading tools used to develop, fine tune and execute trading models are state of the art. Reliability, time to market and financial performance are key success factors for us. By using QuantFACTORY, we have significantly reduced the time to market and improved our productivity as we concentrate our teams on our core businesses ie, trading model development and execution."
Arnaud Chretien, Head of Global CTA at SGAM AI

With €41.8bn in assets under management as at 31st March 2008 and 398 employees worldwide, SGAM Alternative Investments has developed successfully by combining active asset management processes with a capital market culture that mixes innovation and risk management. Their website:

Knight Capital Group (UK):

"Knight Link is a proven execution model in the US where it is the largest destination
for dark liquidity. As we looked to expand Knight Link in Europe, we sought a provider with a
track record and in-depth knowledge of the European markets. QuantHouse's end-to-end low latency solutions allowed us to reduce time to market and to provide our European clients with a unique, advanced platform for dark liquidity."
Kee-Meng Tan, Managing Director, Head of Knight's Electronic Trading Group in Europe.

Knight Capital Group is a dynamic capital markets firm providing market access and trade execution services across multiple asset classes to buy-side, sell-side and corporate issuer clients.

Knight was founded in 1995 as an execution destination for online broker-dealers. Today, we are the leading source of off-exchange liquidity in U.S. equities and have greater share volume than any U.S. exchange. Knight’s average daily U.S. equity share volume of 3.5 billion through the first half of 2008 far exceeded that of the NYSE and NASDAQ which averaged 2.4 billion and 2.3 billion respectively. Their website: